International Academy of Family Psychology

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Welcome to the International Academy of Family Psychology

The International Academy of Family Psychology (IAFP) is a professional organization of family psychologists from around the world. Our goal is collaboration in the discipline and strengthening of international ties in psychology.

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A Message from the IAFP President

John Thoburn President of IAFP

The International Academy of Family Psychology (IAFP) is a non-profit, worldwide scientific organization of academics as well as professionals (scientists, therapists, teachers, graduates etc.) interested in the field of family psychology. The founding members launched IAFP in 1990 as a non-commercial global scientific organization. In 1994 the directorate was replaced by a Board of Directors serving an Academy that seeks to promote the ideals of a systems psychology approach worldwide. The goal of IAFP is to improve basic and applied psychological research on the structure and development of diverse forms and life-styles of individuals in families as well as the family as a whole.  The IAFP seeks to promote training and further education in the area of family psychology and family interventions based on empirically validated research. We want to invite all psychologists interested in family psychology and international psychology to join us as we collaborate together to disseminate new knowledge and skills across the world. Much of our face to face collaboration occurs every four years when the IAFP holds an international conference. Our last Congress, the eighth, was in Tokyo, Japan and was a resounding success, attended by hundreds, with distinguished family psychology presenters from around the world.  Our Ninth conference will be in Evanston, Illinois, USA in summer 2017, so start preparing now for another exciting conference. We know that you have many choices of organizational affiliation, but we urge you to choose membership with IAFP and be part of a growing movement to promote family psychology globally.


John Thoburn, Ph.D. ABPP

President IAFP